CFHE Working Paper: “Financial Speculation Tax”

How to Invest in Higher Education: A Financial Speculation Tax
by Rudy Fichtenbaum
President, American Association of Universtiy Professors
Professor of Economics, Wright State University

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4 Responses to CFHE Working Paper: “Financial Speculation Tax”

  1. Susan Meisenhelder

    Somebody must be spending a gazillion dollars to make sure this idea doesn’t get out in the public. It makes such good sense on so many levels–good influence on the financial industry itself and a great way for Wall Street to help rebuild Main Street!

  2. Gwen Bradley

    I don’t know if this is the answer, but I’m sure glad there’s a conversation about this. With 5 and 8 year old kids, college cost & quality are looming concerns for me, and the current trajectory isn’t too hopeful.

    For more on financial transaction taxes, there was this ProPublica article recently:

  3. Lillian Taiz

    A small transaction tax raises billions to fund higher education. I like that these papers demonstrate that the “new normal” is not. There are many alternatives that we have to consider. Austerity is not normal.

  4. Tom

    Yes!! I understand that some of the countries in the European Union have just instituted this kind of tax. We might partner with the nurses union (who have been championing this idea for a couple of years) and dedicate the funds to public health and public higher education. I would think that many liberal democrats would support this kind of thing.